Auto Instrument Calibration Laboratory (A.I.C.L.) is an Organization that deals with Calibration of Electro-Technical, Thermal, Mechanical, Flow, Optical types of Instruments. Supply of all types of instruments, Installation & Commissioning of PCL, Flow Meter, Temperature, Pressure Control systems.

We referred the International Standards & accordingly purchased the Master Equipment’s Universal Calibrators, Digital Multimeter, Clamp On Meter, Master Pressure Gauge Temperature Oil /Dry bath etc.. We have calibrate all master equipment’s from N.A.B.L. Accredited laboratory having better uncertainty.

Our Laboratory is N.A.B.L Accredited Laboratory for Electro-Technical, Mechanical & Thermal Field since from 2005, we provide the calibration facility In lab as well as at site, we take separate accreditation for site activity.

We have successfully executed many Orders / Project for ISO/QS Companies. Our customers trust us & well satisfied with our work; we also have repairing facility for all types of Instruments.

Our major customer is in the field of automobiles, pharmaceutical, chemical, sugar, polymer, IT, hotels, and testing / calibration lab.

For Electro-Technical field we use Fluke 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator, having up to1 GHz Oscilloscope calibration facility, which is the top model of Fluke Calibrator.

Our technical staff is well qualified well experience & trained in the field of calibration.

Details of the Registration with Govt. / Semi Govt. Bodies

Sr. No. Name of Registration Year of Registration Registration No.
1. Central Excise Commissioner Service Tax Regd. 12/06/2007 AANFA7526N-ST001
2. Shop Act Registration 04/10/2006 Shivaji/II/46607
3. Pan Card No. 14/11/2006 AANFA7526N
4. Small Scale Industries ( SSI ) 1994 035587
5. National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratory ( NABL ) 2003 C-0278, C-279, C-280